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This course has changed my life!

My LDL was 167 and is now 108. I was skeptical as my dad‘s entire family has high cholesterol despite diet and exercise. This course has changed my life! Not only did my cholesterol improve, some digestive issues I had completely disappeared.

Can’t wait to see if I can lower it more!- Amy R.

I did my first cholesterol re-test yesterday since starting the program 10 weeks ago and I'm so pumped. My total cholesterol dropped from 240 to 184! LDL dropped 49 points, non-HDL dropped 58 points, glucose dropped 11 points, and triglycerides dropped 42 points.

My doctor is no longer recommending a statin and wants me to keep doing what I'm doing. -KC G.

My doctor is no longer recommending a statin.

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